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Pop-Up Stands

Our standard, traditional Pop-Up Stands are Evolution Quick and Impact

...fast, simple and effective!

As standard, our Pop-Up Displays are supplied with UV printed and cured, scratch resistant graphics, that do not require an over laminated seal - although a seal can be applied if you require it. Panels are hung magnetically to each grid width - plus 2 D-ends. Pop up display stands are available either curved or straight

Pop Up Stands remain a very popular display structure - in fact they are very much a standard piece of display equipment for companies and organisations. A Pop Up Display is relatively straight forward to transport and erect, providing a substantial display suited to a wide range of events. They can be used for reception areas, showroom displays, exhibition stands, shop displays, promotional stands, display stands, etc.

However, things are moving on and there are new systems that take advantage of the developments that have taken place with large format printing on fabrics. Before you decide that a traditional Pop-Up Stand is what you need, you need to look at similar systems that may suit your graphic display requirements better. For that reason, we have included in this section Formulate Displays.e

To start choosing which Pop Up Display is best suited for you, there are many different criteria to be considered.

Size If you look at a Pop Up Display frame naked (without graphics) you will see that the Pop Up frame is made up of squares - known as grids. The size of a Pop Up Display is generally referred to by the number of grids high x the number of grids wide. The standard height for a Pop Up display is 3 grids. The width of a Pop Up frame can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...or even 6 grids. However, a 6 grid Pop Up Display will require more than one person to erect it and isn't particularly recommended. So, the size of a Pop Up Display is referred to a being 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, etc.

Sometimes people think that a 3x2 Pop Up Display is 3m high x 2m wide, or that a 3x3 Pop Up is 3m high x 3m wide. But that is not the case. The size of Pop Up display grids vary from system to system, but with the Evolution Quick, Evolution Impact and Embrace sytems that we use, the system 3 grid height is 2225mm x 673mm wide - for a CURVED Pop Up system. A straight Pop Up Display has wider grids at 733mm. But don't multiply these numbers to arrive at the Pop Up Display width... because you still have to add the semi circular d-ends on to each end of your Pop Up System. Listed below are the overall widths of Evolution Quick and Impact Pop Up Systems, to help you decide which size of Pop Up Display will suit the space that you have available.

Standard 2225mm high

Curved Pop-Up Stand

3x1 - 1240mm overall width

3x2 - 1930mm overall width

3x3 - 2540mm overall width

3x4 - 3070mm overall width

3x5 - 3430mm overall width

3x6 - 3600mm overall width

Straight Pop-Up Stand

3x1 - 1240mm overall width

3x2 - 1970mm overall width

3x3 - 2700mm overall width

3x4 - 3435mm overall width

3x5 - 4160mm overall width

3x6 - 4892mm overall width

Evolution Quick Pop Up Display Systems are also available as Midi Pop Up Displays. These are suitable when height is limited. The overall height of an Evolution Quick Midi Pop Up Display is 1850mm. The Pop Up system frames are also narrower with front curve panels being 550mm wide and straight panels at 605mm wide. Listed below are the overall widths of Evolution Quick Midi Pop Up Display Stands.

Midi Pop-Up - 1850mm high

3x1 Curved Midi - 1105mm overall width

3x2 Curved Midi - 1670mm overall width

3x3 Curved Midi - 2200mm overall width

3x4 Curved Midi - 2610mm overall width

3x1 Straight Midi - 1110mm overall width

3x2 Straight Midi - 1715mm overall width

3x3 Straight Midi - 2305mm overall width

3x4 Straight Midi - 2930mm overall width

Taller Pop Up Displays can be produced using Evolution Quick Pop Up system. Pop Up Frames 4 and 5 grids high are possible creating heights as follows:

4x(1-5) Pop Up Stand - 2968mm high

5x(1-5) Pop Up Stand - 3710mm high

Desktop Pop Up Displays are also possible using the Evolution Quick frame.

1219mm high x 1466mm wide

Curved or Straight Pop Up Displays?

Curved Pop Up Displays are more popular than straight systems. One of the main reasons is that Curved Pop Up Displays tend to be self supporting - the curve creates a plan shape that doesn't usually require any additional support. Straight Pop Up Displays require stabilising feet for additional support.

When producing a Straight Pop Up display system, the framework requires horizontal bars on the back of the prints to rigidise the structure. This is because there is no curve in the print to 'soak-up' any imperfections. Straight Pop Up Panels are more taut and there is little tolerance for errors in allignment and level. It can therefore take a bit longer to set up a Straight Pop Up Display.

Graphic Pop Up Stands

Graphic Pop-Up Stands are the most impactful Pop Up Display. They are a popular way of creating large graphic displays that can be transported and reused time after time. Our Pop Up Display Graphics are UV printed and cured direct onto quality PopUp PVC . The detail and colour rendition of these prints are great quality. Because the prints are cured they are more stable and do not require a laminated seal. Pop Up paper prints and laminating tend to delaminate on the edges.

Fabric Pop Up Stands

Fabric Pop-Up Stands are a flexible means by which to decorate a Pop Up Display using hook fastener (Velcro). Instead of graphics panels, the panels are faced with Loop Nylon which is available in a range of colours. Using a Fabric Pop Up Display means that graphics and product/exhibits can be velcroed to the Pop Up and altered or rearranged to suit the event.

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