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Outdoor Displays, Event Tents, Flags and Banners

We have a wide range of Outdoor Displays, specifically designed to promote your business at outside locations and withstand the elements. It may be an A-frame sign board to advertise outside your shop or showroom, or a large exhibition tent with flags, to support an outdoor event, we have solutions for print and despatch!

Outdoor displays need to work in sun, wind and rain, although their suitability will vary according to the conditions. Weights and guy ropes will help to keep things in place, but there comes a point where it is safest to dismantle until the conditions improve. This will not only prevent damage and injury, but it will also preserve the longevity of the equipment. This doesn't mean that you have to be constantly putting displays up and down, just be aware of the circumstances.

Banners, Flags and Tent Sheets are printed on various fabrics including Flag-Knit Polyester, Vinyl and PVC. Printing on fabrics is generally by Dye-Sublimation, whilst others may be UV printed and cured.

All manner of finishing is required to complete the printed work, including:

Eyelets for Banners

Sewing and Hemming

Pockets and Tabs

Velcro and Zips

The factory has the expertise and skills required to ensure that your display is finished properly so that it works efficiently for you!

We have a wide range of Event Flags available. They are great for outdoor shows or if you want to advertise an indoor event to passers-by. Their height and wind movement combine to attract attention...great advertising!

The main range of flags for promotions is Zoom, with Feather, Quill and Rectangle and Crest as optional shapes and a variety of heights betweeen 2m and 5m.

The difference between Zoom and Formulate Lite is primarily the pole system. Zoom Flags have a narrow GRP pole that tapers towards the top. The shape of the pocket flexes the pole and gives the flag shape when it is tensioned.

Meanwhile, Formulate Lite Flags are based on the Formulate tubular structures system. Again, the pole is fed through the flag pocket, but the pole is thicker at 25mm and therefore ithe same shape as the flag.

A wide range of Flag Bases are available. Various sizes of water bases, steel plates and cross bases; wall mounting brackets and ground spikes, along with drive-on feet for use with cars and other vehicles on sales forecourts.

We have other flags such as Shimmer Budget Event Flag, which is very economical and telescopic up to 3m tall.

Wind Dancer Flag is a heavier duty telescopic pole with a large water base.

Lamp-post mounted flag units such as Mistral Banner are also available to advertise on the street at high level.

We have a good range of Event Tents, Gazebos and Canopies for outdoor exhibitions and events. It is important to provide shade and shelter while you entertain your guests, along with plenty of space for corporate branding and advertising!

Our main range of Event Gazebos is the Zoom Tents. They are a great value and can either be supplied with printed or plain colour fabrics. They are available in 4 sizes - 2x2, 3x3, 2x4.5 and 3x 6m.

We also have the Star Tent, which is an impressive 5m tall structure x 10m dia., with arched entrances to 5 sides. This is available in black and white, or printed, with a very large area to accommodate your graphics.

We also have Sunrise Parasol, an advertising parasol available in both circular and square formats, and ready to be printed with your logo and marketing messages.

In addition to these ranges, we have Outdoor Literature Dispensers, Counters and Sign-boards, all specifically designed for use outdoors.

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