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Simon Shardlow has been involved in producing Exhibition Stands for over 40 years. For most of his career he has worked for Exhibition Contractors as a director, primarily responsible for Exhibition and Graphic Design. The sales and marketing of Modular Display Equipment has also figured prominently, from the early days when Panel and Pole were the standard, through Pop-Up Stands and Banners to the Printed Fabric Graphic Systems of today.

At Displaykit, we offer clients support for Exhibition Stands that don't necessarily require the services of an Exhibition Stand Contractor to build it. These systems are now quite varied to suit the differing needs of exhibitors today. Our experience in the Exhibition and Display industry enable s us to offer best advice for your next Exhibition Stand.

Aluminium framwork systems such as Linear and Vector provide frameworks into which shelves and plinths can be incorporated to help wiith product displays. Graphics can either be panels within frames or stretch fabrics for printed walls and effects. The two systems can be incorporated together so that Linear can be used to produce a Modular Exhibition Stand, but with large single sheet graphic panels as features to suit. Both systems are easily and quickly assembled with an allen key, making your Exhibition Stand very re-usable!

Panel Systems are available for both Folding Panel Kits and larger Panel and Pole Stands. These are ideal for clubs, churches, schools and other similar organisations to create Display Stands that are readily available for use at open evenings, meetings and any event where you need to make a presentationn. Panel Bags are available to help with transport and storage protection between Events.

More structural, high-tec frameworks can be created using Gantry Systems such as Arena-4. Large printed banners can be used within the system to create images and display graphic information. Arena-4 is simple to assemble without tools as the junctions are fixed together with wing nuts and bolts. Unsupported spans of up to 6m are possible and accessories such as screen mounts, literature holders, worktops and lighting can be incorporated.

Smaller systems like Formulate and Modulate enable fabrics to be used which cover the structure with printed polyester graphics. Formulate is ideal as a backwall graphic system, with a range of shapes and sizes available. Modulate is a further development of Formulate, where the framework tubes have magnets at specific positions inside. The magnets are strong enough to hold frames together, enabling you to build an exhibition stand that is quite literaly assembled without mechanical fixings!

We have many years experience designing and building Exhibition Stands. From simple display units to complex Double-Decker Stands, we have helped all types of organisations, from individuals to major international companies, to promote themselves at Exhibitions and Events in the UK and overseas.

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