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Gantry Systems

Gantry Systems are ideal for creating structural frameworks at exhibitions, theatre, retail and any location where independent structural support is required.

Gantry can be built as a structure that stands on the floor, with or without floor fixing, dependent upon the circumstances. It can also be hung from a structural ceiling or framework as a beam or ring to carry lighting or suspend graphics and displays. In all circumstances, you will need to ensure that both the gantry, and the structure to which it is fixed, are capable of carrying the weight that you intend to apply. In many circumstances, it will be necessary to have a structural engineer calculate the structure and verify that it is safe and suitable for the intended use.

As part of an Exhibition Stand Design, Gantry can resolve a number of problems. Two of the main purposes of any Stand Structure are: (1) to carry electrical cables and lighting to the areas of the stand that need illumination, and (2) to fix or hang graphic panels or banners and other stand fixtures.

In many circumstances, this is done by building a floor standing structure with beams and cantilevers that extend the ceiling structure beyond the columns. It is also possible to hang a Gantry Truss or frame from the ceiling of the exhibition hall on drop-wires, although the majority of shows do not allow this type of stand fitting nowadays. You will need to check with the exhibition organiser, and/or the venue management.

Junctions and connections are required to form the shapes and layouts that are be created with Gantry Systems. Trusses, Beams and Columns are generally straight, although some systems do include Curved Trusses. Junctions can go left, right, forwards, up or down, or any combination to make a 2-way through to 6-way joint. Whilst the more common are straight or 90 degrees, some can also be based on 30 and 60 degrees, acute and obtuse.

Aluminium Gantry is suitable for use at both Indoor and Outdoor Events because it doesn’t rust. However, if aluminium is left in certain conditions it can corrode. So, whilst it is much more resilient than steel and iron, it is still good practice not to over expose it to the elements.

Aluminium is also lightweight but very strong. Steel is a stronger metal, but the resistance to rust and lighter weight, makes Aluminium a very good material for temporary and portable systems.

Creative Graphic Displays can be added to your Exhibition Gantry by printing Banners with Eyelets that are attached to the framework with bungees. This helps to ensure that your graphics remain taught and crisp.

Square Gantry is easier to design with than Triangular Truss Systems. How the apex of triangular truss aligns as it gets turned through junctions, means that a lot more junction types are required, along with careful thought to ensure that the junctions will work as intended.

For Theatres and Concerts, Spotlights and Speakers have to be positioned for best effect and keep clear of the viewing area. Inside theatres and concert halls the roof includes structure to accommodate Rigging so that Trusses can be flown to hang equipment from. For Outdoor Concerts, the stage structure design is very much based on Rigging and Trusses

We have 3 main Gantry Systems that we offer:

ARENA-4 GANTRY is 4 Pole Square Truss that is very simple to assemble and take apart. Trusses and junctions are joined together using wing nut and bolt fixings for easy, no tools assembly. The wing nuts are easy to tighten by hand to secure the joint.

Load bearing up to approx. 100kgs

Maximum unsupported span of 6m

Truss lengths from 250 - 2000mm

TRILITE 100 GANTRY is a UK manufactured system which uses 25mm dia. aluminium tubes connected with rods in a Zig-Zag style. For a streamlined look, connections are made with expanding spigots hidden inside the poles and tightened with a 4mm allen key.

• 3 Truss shapes are available – Ladder, Triangular and Square

• 100 Ladder is suitable for decorative displays and frameworks

100 Truss has a load bearing capacity of up to 259kg UDL on a 5m length

100 Quad has a load bearing capacity of up to 501kg UDL on a 5m length

Truss lengths available up to 5m

Natural mill finish aluminium, or powder coated at extra cost

TRILITE 200 GANTRY is also manufactured in the UK. It uses 51mm dia. aluminium tubes, which are also connected with Zig-Zag rods. Connections are made with spigots which are located inside the tube ends and secured with Nylock nuts and a 17mm spanner

• Trilite 200 is a stronger Structural System

• 3 Truss shapes – Ladder, Triangular and Square

200 Ladder has a load bearing capacity of up to 338kg UDL on a 5m length

200 Truss has a load bearing capacity of up to 565kg UDL on a 5m length

200 Quad has a load bearing capacity of up to 1193kg UDL on a 5m length

Truss lengths available are longer, up to 8m

Natural mill finish aluminium, or powder coated at extra cost

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