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Arena-4 is a lightweight Exhibition Gantry System, ideal for creating structural frameworks to carry exhibition graphics and lighting.

The system is used for Exhibition Stands, Showrooms and Retail Displays, and can be combined with other display systems to add structure with style.

Arena-4 Gantry is very simple to assemble and take apart. Trusses and junctions are joined together using wing nut and bolt fixings for easy, no tools assembly. Simply line-up the connections and insert the bolts through the holes. The wing nuts are easy to tighten-up by hand and only finger-thumb pressure is required to secure the joint. Breakdown is just as easy!

Arena-4 truss is load bearing up to approx. 100kgs and has a maximum unsupported span of 6m. Trusses are designed to be transported as easily as possible. A range of Lighting Truss lengths are available from 250 - 2000mm. Longer truss lengths are created by simply bolting the available lengths together to create the required length. For increased design options, Curved Lighting Truss is also available, with both 500 and 1000mm external radius quadrant sections

Arena-4 comprises a range of gantry junctions, trusses and accessories, ensuring that the designer has the components required to create plenty of design options. The system is a lightweight aluminium construction based on a Square Gantry, made up with 4 no. 25mm dia. tubes. Square Gantry is easier to design with than triangular truss systems. How the apex of triangular truss alligns as it gets turned through junctions, means that a lot more junction types are required, and careful thought is required to ensure that the junctions will work as required.

Accessories include large, medium and small screen brackets for audio visual use. Brackets are available to hold Plasma Screens, smaller LCD Monitors and Tablets/iPads. There is a literature holder that hooks onto the gantry truss, and some shaped worktops and shelves for display purposes and to create discussion areas.

Creative Graphic Displays can be added to your Exhibition Gantry by printing Banners with Eyelets that are attached to the framework with bungees to ensure that your graphics remain taught and crisp.

The system is suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor Displays. The open framework provides minimal resistance to wind, which is an important factor for the stability of any structure at outdoor events. However, you will need to take into account the size and positioning of any banners so that they don't act as a sail to capture the wind. Mesh banners and wind vents will help.

Although floor standing gantry structures are very popular, trusses can also be hung from ceilings and roof structures as Lighting Gantry. The usual rigging methods and safety procedures should be employed to ensure that flying structures remain safe, especially when people can pass underneath.

Exhibition Lighting Gantry is a very useful design tool for exhibition designers. You can create shapes and structures to get lighting over open floor areas of the stand, ensuring effective illumination of the area and displays. However, you will need to check with the Exhibition Organiser and the Venue to see if rigging services are allowed by the exhibition standfitting regulations, or even possible from the hall ceiling or roof structure.

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