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There is a broad range of Display Equipment that can be used either on its own, or in conjunction with the Exhibition Stand Systems that we offer. The type, size and style of the products that may need to be displayed is very diverse, and we therefore have several different types of equipment to suit your individual needs.

Display Plinths of various heights and sizes, to help feature particular objects and groups of displays.

Exhibition Counters are required in all sorts of situations - as Reception Desks, Information Points, Demonstrations Counters and Display Showcases. We also have a range of Workstations and Lecturns to suit your event or conference.

You may not have products to display or your primary focus may be to promote a service that is offered by your company or organisation. In all cases, although digital information is king nowadays, people do like to have a hardcopy of literature to take away, and it is a useful reminder for them after the event. We have a comprehensive range of Literature Displays to hold leaflets and brochures in all situations - Floorstanding Leaflet Holders, Portable Literature Stands, Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders and Counter-Top Brochure Holders.

Information for exhibitions, events, museums and a wide range of building types needs to be displayed for vistors to guide and inform. Poster Displays from A5 through to A0 and larger are often required, mounted on the wall or freestanding in appropriate locations.

Snap Frames are availablewith 25 and 32mm frame widths and a range of colours to suit your premises and decor.

Floorstanding Poster Stands with secure bases allow information to be displayed in open areas.

Acrylic is a very useful, clear material, ad can be shaped to provide Poster Displays wall mounted, freestanding, double-sided and on cable displays.

Poster Rails are used where larger posters or banners need to be suspended from the ceiling or any overhead structure. A simple snap closed action in the rail grips the poster, whilst a bottom rail adds weight to tension and straighten the display.

A-sign Boards are useful as Pavement Displays, when freestanding information is required in open areas, both indoors and outdoors. Sizes from A2 to A0, are stable and a cover sheet protects the display from the elements. Please remember with your pavement displays that they should be located on your land or with permission and so as not to obstruct or cause a danger.

Display Lighting is important to enhance the look of your display and ensure that it is seen properly. We have a good range and most of it uses energy efficient and powerful LEDs.

Display Equipment is very often stored away between events and needs transporting, perhaps a short distance or overseas. It is important that you have appropriate Equipment Bags or Cases to store and transport your displays. We have a very good range of shapes, sizes and materials to deal with most circumstances, including Panel Bags and Pop-up Cases.

Some items need protecting whilst they are being displayed, We have a range of Acrylic Cubes that can be used as Showcase Hoods, or as Clear Plinths for displaying smaller items in Window Displays.

Consumables such as Hook Fastener (Velcro) and general components for use with our systems are included in our range of Display Accessories.

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