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Zenith Pop-Up Case


The Zenith Pop-Up Case is 956mm high overall - 895mm internally.

The plan size of the case is 550 x 365mm

Zenith will accomodate up to a 3x5 straight or curved pop-up display.

The body of the case is moulded from tough polyethylene (MDPE).

Included are a pair of nylon wheels and a side handle for easier handling.

The case has fittings so that it can be secured with a padlock (not included).

A removable divider is provided to protect the graphics. The rolled graphics are stored on one side of the case, whilst the frame and accessories are kept on the other side of the divider.

There is a shaped foam storage compartment in the lid to hold 2 display lights and cables.

The Zenith case can also be used as an information podium with a flat top lid.

A folding table-top is also available, with a thermoformed finish in Beech, Black, Silver or White.

Complete the effect with a graphic or fabric wrap to match your Pop-Up Stand.

Delivery - Zenith Case is usually available from stock.

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