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Most of the display equipment that we supply is designed to Display Graphics and convey your message to passers-by. You don't have long to attract their attention, so well presented graphics are essential to make them curious enough to stop.

Exhibition Stands, whether they are big structures or a small display, need to create a working environment and carry graphics at a minimum. Those Graphic Displays may be just a logo to identify yourself, but you should take the opportunity to say something about your company, service, products...or some other marketing strategy. You need to create an interest for the visitor. Many exhibition visitors are a bit shy and don't want to get too involved in discussions about themselves, or indeed your company and its products or services. They have and interest in your industry or service sector - that is why they are there - to increase their knowledge and awareness. It will help them do their job or make that purchasing decision a bit more informed. So you need to help them by producing graphic information that is succinct enough to give them a good idea of what you're about and generate enough interest for them to want to ask a question. Better they approach you, rather than you frighten them off by asking that misplaced exhibitor question "May I help you?" the usual answer to that one is "No thanks!" Your Stand Graphics need to give them enough info to feel that they have some control over the impending conversation!

One of the simplest ways to Display Graphics is with a Banner Stand. There are 2 main types...Roller Banners and Tension Banners... and many are erected in seconds! Previously they were printed on paper, mounted onto a backing material and then sealed to protect them from damage. Then direct printing onto polyester and UV print and cure mean't that laminating with a seal was no longer necessary and the cost came down. Developments in dye-sublimation printing onto fabrics means that prints aren't as fragile as they used to be. The graphic will be stretched onto a framework and any creases will generally disappear!

Graphic Backdrop systems also take advantage of the developments in fabric printing. Sheet materials and larger printing machines mean that much larger one-piece prints can be produced and finished to produce seamless Graphic Walls that can be applied to frameworks with greater simplicity. We can offer Vector, which is an aluminium framework that has a channel all around the perimeter. The channel accepts a silicone bead sewn into the edge of the fabric sheet. This is known as SEG (Silicone Edged Graphics) and simply pushes into the framework to provide a secure fixing with an accuracy that ensures the fabric is taught and crease free. The graphic goes to the extreme edges of the structure, creating an all over graphic with barely any noticable framework.

Still very popular are traditional Pop-Up Stands with an expanding framework and magnetic graphic drops printed on PVC. These have now moved on and we have the Embrace Pop-Up system available. A similar expanding frame forms the basis, but the magnetic bars to attach the graphics are replaced by a perimeter channel, into which Silicone Edged Graphics are applied to provide a seamless image. This system can be made more impactful by upgrading to Embrace+. This has LED lighting curtains hanging from the framework to internally illuminate the graphic, producing a Pop-Up Lightbox - the effect is stunning!

Having said all that, a lot of people nowadays are replacing their Pop-Up Stands with Formulate Fabric Displays. There are various shapes and sizes, creating graphic backdrops, banners, screens and hanging structures. The system is based on 30mm dia. aluminium tubes which are bungeed together and connect together via junctions with push-button locators. Fast and simple to put together, graphics are printed on stretch fabric which is sewn together to form a double-sided cover that pulls over the frame. Once pulled over the framework it is zipped shut and the snug fit ensures that creases disappear to leave a crisp graphic display.

Modulate is a system that takes Formulate a stage further. The tubes have magnets strategically fitted inside the tubes so that when completed frames are positioned next to each other, the magnets hold the frames together. The frames can be adjusted to create a suitable plan arrangement by simply rotating the frame angles.

Lightboxes are also available based on the aluminium frameworks listed above and fitted with Silicone Edged Graphics. Vector frameworks are produced at 75mm thickness for Wall Mounted Lightboxes and at 100, 125 and 150mm thickness for Freestanding units. These LED Lightboxes are ideal for exhibitions and events, along with shaped bases for retail applications. Other lightbox designs include wall mounted units which have slimline LED lighting and snap frame fronts for easy change graphics. More shapes and sizes are created by systems that enable double-sided pods and towers for a variety of applications, plus a very transportable unit called Illumigo, which comes with a custom designed carry box!

We have other signage systems that are designed to be flexible for use with other rigid substrates. This includes Orbita Stand-offs, which are barrel studs that screw to the wall and act as locators for sign panels that are spaced off the wall. Orbita Edge Stand-offs are also available, where, as opposed to drilling and fixing through the panel, the stand-off grips the edge of the panel, which is particularly suitable for glass and other delicate panels.

Cable Display Systems with tensioned cable assemblies supporting acrylic poster holders have proven to be popular for window displays in Estate Agents and for other showroom based applications. The acrylic poster holders are folded to form a sandwich, enabling easy change of the display material, as and when required. The system can accomodate A5 to A1 poster sizes.

Swing Signs, A-boards, and variants of that theme, can be found on the Sign Systems page, with a range of products that enable Graphic Displays both indoors and outdoors.

We are also experienced in design and artworking, and offer these services at very reasonable rates

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