Cable Display Systems are popular in Office, Showroom and Retail premises. They are often used by Estate Agents who display their sales particulars in poster holders on wires, which allows light to permeate through the open nature of the window display and into the showroom interior. They can also be used to create double-sided displays so that information can be seen from outside the showroom, with an alternative or repeat poster visible on the inside.

At Displaykit, we sell the Strata Cable Display System, which is simple in use and economical. The cables are 1.5mm dia. braided steel wire, stretched taught between the ceiling and floor by fixing terminal plates securely top and bottom. They can also be fixed to the wall via wall plates that are hinged to allow fixing at up to 90 degrees to the direction of the cables. Cable Sets are supplied 4.0m long and are cut to length and adjusted to suit the location.

The first thing to ensure is that the fixing points for the cables are sound and stable. The cables are tightened during installation to ensure that they are taught, strong and secure - you don't want fixings that are likely to become loose. In brick or blockwork, the wall has to be drilled and plugs inserted for a good screw fixing. On solid timber or thickened boarding, the screw will get good purchase, but there are frameworks where the fixing points are less suitable. In those circumstances it may be necessary to install a Strata Fixing Rail. The fixing rail is screwed to the background and then the cable terminals are located in the desired positions along the rail. For this reason ther are two types of terminal fixings - Screw Fix or Rail Fix.

Panel Supports are then positioned on the cables and Acrylic Poster Holders are clamped to the panel supports. Cables can either be arranged in pairs, so that each pair carries one column of posters, or in multiples so that adjacent columns share a cable between them. It is easier to work with pairs of cables but shared cables are perfectly suitable if the layout is kept simple. Double Panel Supports are available which support poster holders next to each other on the same cable. There are 2 sizes of panel supports to accomodate panels up to a maximum of 4 and 7mm. Acrylic poster holders generally require 4mm Panel supports, whilst 7mm can be used for thicker panels.

Acrylic Poster Holders are available in a range of sizes from A4 through to A1 for larger displays. The holders are manufactured as a sheet of acrylic that is folded in half. This traps the display poster in a sandwich between the two faces of acrylic. The back panel is made wider than the front panel with lugs that project on each side of the holder. These lugs are provided so that the panel supports can clamp onto them. With the back panel supported, the front panel is free to be pulled open so that the poster can be changed without taking the system apart. The holder is best positioned with the fold at the bottom so that the poster doesn't slip out.

Please let us know if you need any more information or advice on Cable Display Systems.