People are making more use of Outdoor Banners and Flags these days. Outdoor events, forecourt advertising, barrier displays, cafes and restaurants, retail and exhibition environments, all require promotional material to let visitors know what is happening.

Outdoor Banners mainly use UV cured print technology onto PVC banner materials, whilst Promotional Flags generally use dye-sublimation printing onto fabrics. Both are serviceable for outdoor use - PVC banners are tough and can be wiped clean, whilst dye-sub printed fabric can generally be washed at low temperatures.

Outdoor Tension Banner Stands include simple A-frames or moulded plastic structures that can have water or sand added as ballast to stabilise them. If you want to display a standard eyelet banner but have nowhere to hang it, Monsoon is a an aluminium tubular A-frame that supports banners up to 3m wide, either single or double-sided. There is also a Wall Mounted Monsoon so that you can have eyelet banners fixed to a wall or on a building. Blizzard and Horizon are both freestanding oudoor tension baners, supplied with feet that can be filled with water or sand ballest to keep them stable.

Stowaway and Rainbow are lightweight floor-standing fabric banners, with double-sided A-frames that are ideal pegged into the ground for quick events.

Outdoor Roller Banners are available and Thunder 2 and Typhoon can both be used as double-sided banners. They are totally different designs though, with Typhoon being a heavier plastic base on wheels that can be ballasted with water or sand, whilst Thunder is a lighter aluminium framework that has large twist-out feet and is pegged down to the ground.

A wide range of Flag Banners are also available in various styles. Beach type flags include the Zoom and Formulate Lite ranges. Ground-stakes, ballast bases, drive-on car feet, amongst other fixings, are available to go with Crest, Feather, Edge and Quill shapes to suit. Special fixings are available to make use of street furniture or for use as a freestanding flag, such as Wind-Dancer.

We have Artwork Templates available for your banner or flag, to help your designer set the artwork efficiently and correctly.