Acrylic Display Plinths and Bridges

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Acrylic display plinths are available in a wide range of size.

They can be used as bridge plinths - or turned upside down and use as clear holders!

Ideal for smaller displays in shop windows and display cabinets.

The plinths are manufactured from one piece of acrylic and the shape is formed by heat-bending.

Loads should be kept to medium weight so as not to spread the legs.

List of sizes for acrylic plinths below.

W x D x H.................Code

2mm Thick Acrylic

50 x 50 x 50------------DK326

50 x 75 x 50------------DK328

50 x 75 x 75------------DK329

75 x 50 x 100----------DK330

100 x 75 x 75----------DK331

100 x 75 x 100--------DK332

3mm Thick Acrylic

150 x 100 x 75--------DK334

150 x 100 x 100------DK335

150 x 100 x 150------DK336

250 x 100 x 50--------DK337

250 x 100 x 75--------DK338

250 x 100 x 100------DK339

250 x 100 x 150------DK340

5mm Thick Acrylic

250 x 100 x 200------DK341

250 x 100 x 250------DK342

Acrylic Display Plinths are generally available from stock.

If it's urgent...please ask!