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Baseline Jumbo 3 Display Panels

from £307.00
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Baseline Jumbo Hinged Display Screens.

1800x900mm exhibition panels hinged together to form a 3 or 4 panel display screen.

Quickly and easily erected to form a large, double-sided display unit.

This Folding Panel Display can also be used to act as a temporary room divider.

Baseline Jumbo Display Panels are made using Baseline board - a lightweight 10mm thick honeycomb core exhibition board - with an 18mm thick Grey PVC frame.

The panels are faced with loop nylon on both sides, which is hook fastener (Velcro) compatible - thus avoiding the use of pins.

For Jumbo panel kits that are going to be subject to more rigorous use, we recommend Baseline Plus Jumbo Panels, They are 18mm thick with a 25mm frame, making these large panels more sturdy.

Please choose your loop nylon colours using the drop down menu. If you require a second colour on the reverse side of the panels, please select it using loop nylon coverings as an option below.

Delivery - Jumbo Baseline Display Screens are made to order - lead times vary.

If it's urgent - please ask!