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Formulate Monolith

from £272.00
excl. VAT, plus delivery
Product data sheet


Formulate Monolith is a fabric tension banner stand.

A lightweight 32mm dia. tubular aluminium framework is assembled and then the printed fabric sleeve is pulled over the framework.

The PowerStretch fabric fits snuggly and the tension smooths out any creases.

The overall height of Formulate Monolith is 2.28m, with a 300mm deep steel baseplate.

Easy transport with a bag included...and quick assembly on site!

4 banner widths are availble:

600mm wide........FORM-MON-600.......2380 x 650 x 300mm overall

900mm wide........FORM-MON-900.......2380 x 955 x 300mm overall

1200mm wide......FORM-MON-1200.....2380 x 1240 x 300mm overall

1500mm wide......FORM-MON-1500.....2380 x 1544 x 300mm overall

Price includes dye-sub printed graphics

Formulate Monolth can be printed both single and double sided. Single sided printing means that the reverse will be plain white fabric.

Please ask us to supply you with an artwork template for your Formulate Monolith

Alternatively we can produce artwork for you at a very reasonable cost

Formulate graphics are washable at 30 degrees

Delivery - generally about 7 days from approval of artwork for Formulate Monolith.

If it's urgent - please ask!