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IllumiGo One - Single-Sided Portable Lightbox


The IllumiGo One Portable Lightbox packs away in a custom designed-box. This single-sided lightbox is illuminated by LED lamps fitted to a rollable fabric sheet. The panel fits to the back of the framework with silicone beed sewn into the edge of the sheet - just like the SEG graphic that fits to the front of the lightbox.

The rear of the lightbox has a double channel that accepts the lighting panel into one and can have a non-illuminated rear graphic fitted into the other.

Easily packed and protected with foam cut-outs, the components are well protected in the box and only weigh about 7.6kg.

The lightbox frame is in 6 parts and simply slot together without the need for tools. The junctions are numbered to help ensure that they are put together in the right order. Push button locators hold the parts together securely.

The vertical sides are both split into 2 x 1m lengths. The top and base rails have corner spigots to connect the 4 sides together. A tubular cross rail is located internally to stiffen the strucure.

Components are powder coated white to ensure a clean finish. This also helps with light spread and a tapered frame helps to reflect the light internally. The positioning of the lamps on the back panel are such that there is no hotspotting.

The base has a pair of twist-out feet that help to ensure that the lightbox remains stable.

The SEG graphics are printed on a translucent fabric with a silicone bead sewn into the edge (SEG - Silicone Edged Graphic). The framework has a slot all the way around front face and the silicone edge of the graphic is fed into this slot, starting at the top corner of the lightbox. This gradually secures and tightens the fabric across the face of the unit. This pulls out any creases that may occur in storage to present a clean graphic for display

Assembled Size approx. (mm)

2010 (h) x 8500 (w) x 390 (d)

Boxed Size (mm)

1150(w) x 320(h) x 130(d

Delivery - Illumigo One Portable Lightbox will take about 7 days from approval of artwork.

If it's urgent - please ask!