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LED Exhibition Light - 2 Light Kit


This LED Exhibition Light has a swan neck for simple design elegance.

Ideal for Display Lighting, it is designed specifically for use with Linear and Vector Systems

Simple hook in cantilever adapters for each system.

Cast from aluminum to dissipate heat over the entire body of the light, stopping any localised heat, which allows for longer use with no over heating.

Each transformer can run up to 5 lights

Each light includes a 2m linking cable

Lights are linked together in a 'daisy chain' style (see the data sheet)

Plug > Transformer > Light > Light > Light > Light > Light

The max. distance between the 1st and 5th Light is a bit less than 8m

Energy Efficient, bright and stylish, to make you stand out from the crowd.

Approx 1200 lumens

Approx 5631 Kelvin

Low 20w power consumption

Delivery - LED Exhibition Light is normally available from stock

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