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Telescopic Auto Hand Sanitiser

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This Telescopic Auto Hand Sanitiser has an auto-sensor for 'no-touch' hand sanitising

Simply presenting your hands below the unit will activate the sensor and dispense sanitiser without having to touch a pump or button

The sanitiser is fixed to a black metal backplate and comes complete with a drip tray to minimise overspill

The post is telescopic, ensuring that the unit can be located at a suitable height for wheelchair users, children and/or adults


Being an Aero banner post, the hand sanitiser can be incorporated into a Aero banner display for advertsing and/or social distancing information

You can also link sanitising units together using this system

The feet fold-up and the stand is lightweight, so that it can be relocated to another position, quickly and easily.

For more info on Aero Banner Displays, please visit the Roller Banner Section

The overall height is adjustable between 1320 and 2100mm x 500mm deep

Delivery - Telescopic Auto Hand Sanitiser is usuallyavailable from stock

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