Visitor Safety & Control are essential to the success of any event. There will be areas which you don't want vistors to go into and routes around an event that will help you manage vistor access. This can be done with physical barriers or by strategically positioned signage to guide people in the direction that ypou want them to go. Better to show which way you want people to go, against telling them where not to go. Systems that help with this include Post and Rope and Rectractable Queuing Barriers.

Often it is necessary to define an area which is reserved for customers and visitors. This include open-air cafes and restaurants, which would benefit from a Cafe Barrier to define the area and carry advertising on the outside for passers-by. This helps to attract attention to your extended premises and instill a sense of place

Similarily, we have an indoor telecopic systems, like Aero Roller Banners, where you can create a Linking Screen System. Aero is a roller cassette banner system for graphic displays. The banner sare available in 3 widths - 1000, 1500 and 2000mm - and can be set at varying heights between 990 and 1890mm. This gives the opportunity to have taller sections for more important information graphics, whilst using the lower sections as space barriers with more decorative or corporate graphics. The posts have connections available all the way through 360 degrees to increase the layout options.

Sign Boards are not only useful for pavement advertising and forecourt signage are also included here because at sizes between A2 and A0, they are ideal as freestanding direction and information boards, both indoors and outdoors. with the ability to display on both sides, you have an A-Sign Board that is flexible in use and easily repositioned or stored when not in ues.

Poster Stands such as Sentry are also available to carry floor-standing information that can be readily changed as required. Typically available in A4 and A3 sizes, they can be used portrait or landscape. With the Poster Frame mounted on a pole, they are at an ideal height for visitors, but Telescopic Poster Stands are also available, should you need a bit more flexibility. Poster stands come with an acetate protective sheet to preserve your graphic. They do provide some protection against the weather, but they are not waterproof.

Wall Mounted Snap Frames come in a wide variety of sizes from A5 to A0. They are simply screwed to the wall and offer easy change of information with their spring action opening and closing of the frame.

We can also supply Printed Floor Stickers, which are useful in shops and commercial premises for helping to maintain a flow of people in the right direction and to maintain Social Distancing. We have standard designs that you can choose from, whilst also offering competitive pricing for printing your own design and options. Made from durable self-adhesive vinyl, they are scuff and tear resistant. They work on most floorcoverings, including short pile carpet and they can also be stuck to walls.

Whilst some of these products have become popular during the pandemic, they should not be considered as just short-term investments. They are likely to remain important for some while and may be required as a matter of course as our economic and social interaction develops in time.